About us

We started the journey of creating Fetch Gate Farm after seeing our first sheepdog trial in      
Ocala, FL in 1987.  (the term “fetch gate” comes from the panels the sheep must travel
through for full points at a trial)  We had one Border Collie and a vision of competing with these
marvelous dogs as seen in Florida.  

We moved to New York shortly after this, with that vision in mind.  We purchased our 2 acre
lot, holding an 1874 home which needed much repair, as well as started our family. We were
able to rent about 5 acres behind the house and began dabbling in sheep and dog training,
attending many clinics and lessons.

As the desire to call a farm our own, we started looking for another, larger place.  Fortunately,
after looking around, we were able to purchase the land surrounding our home in 1996.  We
were able to stay where our boys were raised and the views and hills are admired (although
the winters can be a bit long)!

By this time, after keeping an assortment of breeds for training purposes, we had done our
research and decided that the Katahdin hair sheep was our breed of choice.  We purchased our
first registered ewes in 1997.  

And the rest, as they say, is history.  In 2006 we held the first Fetch Gate Farm Sheepdog
Trial.  We continue to compete with our dogs throughout the northeast, and market quality
breeding stock and meat lambs.
Heather and Roger waiting their turn
at a trial in Canada (2008)