Our sheep
Katahdins are known for their quality meat, which is
both lean and mild.  The ewes have excellent
mothering abilities;  they twin routinely, breed out of
season, and provide plenty of milk for their lambs.  
They are very hardy and resilient to parasites.  They
are also making a name for themselves in grazing
projects throughout the United States.  Hair sheep
are becoming ever more popular as the need for
wool is decreasing.
Our goals since purchasing our first registered Katahdins in 1997 have
been to produce a well muscled, solid looking, medium sized animal with
mothers who can give birth easily and raise twins or triplets without

We maintain a flock of 70-75 ewes. They are on pasture spring through the
fall. The ewes are in the barn when they lamb and are sometimes jugged
for 1-3 days.  We feed alfalfa/orchard grass hay usually from November to
April. Ewes are supplemented with shell corn starting about 4 weeks
before lambing through the first 6-8 weeks of lactation. Lambs are born in
February. They receive supplemental creep feed before they and the flock
head out to pasture. They are weaned at 14-16 weeks and are for sale in
early July.

We have been enrolled in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program since
December 2006.  Our flock and their offspring have been tested over the
years for OPP, and have passed every health certification required of
them.  Dr. Mary Smith from Cornell University is our vet.  She brings a class
out to see our operation every February.
Katahdin Hair Sheep
Please contact us for information on available
lambs from our upcoming Feb 2019 lambing.  We
offer both registered and commercial stock.  
Various prices apply.  
"Hope your lambing season is going well. I just had to share how ours went. The three ewes (2 year
olds) I purchased from you all gave me triplets (all unassisted births and lambs are growing well,
unassisted also). One yearling ewe lamb had twins. So from 4 ewes I have 11 lambs!
I must say quite a productive little starter flock. I'm very impressed with the quality of animal I
purchased from you.......thanks again.

Teresa S.

I have a correction to our lambing.......We didn't think one of the ewe lambs got bred, but we were
wrong.  So from 5 ewes (3 that are 2 yr olds, and 2 yearlings) we got 12 lambs. 6 ewes and 6 rams. I
am pretty pleased with 240 % !"
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