Border Collies and Maremmas
We manage our farm with the help of our Border Collies (and two
livestock protection dogs).  We currently have 9 Border Collies, all in
different stages of training for either sheep or goose work; from
puppies to fully trained adults.  We occasionally have puppies and/or
trained dogs for sale, and we offer stud services.  
Our goals in breeding dogs are to produce a quality worker with a sound body
and temperament. All breeding dogs will have had their eyes tested for CEA and
will have had their hips x-rayed and cleared.  We don't breed too often:  once
every year or two.  Placement in the right home is vitally important to us.  We
want nothing but the best for our pups and will strive to be sure prospective
owners are responsible and educated to the breed.
All of our dogs are registered with the American Border Collie Association.

Please keep in mind that Border Collies bred to work do not always make the
best pets. If they do not have a job, they will create one of their own and it may
not be to your liking.  Please check out the link below for further information on
living with Border Collies.   
Living with Border Collies
Take Flight Goose Mgt LLC