Tibee and Nell
A few quotes (at one year old):

Herding:  “You know, so far I have only good things to say about XXX. From the start he has been
an easy going dog; he his very loyal, very even temper, not aggressive at all, he gets along very
well with other dogs, and he is thinker, and a fast learner. I really don’t have any negative thing to
say about him.”

"If this 8 is as good as the two in Maine you will be well pleased! The "girls" continue to amaze us
with their joy and desire to work - they are coming along on their training very well and we are

Agility:  “His training is coming along really well. He is very fast and loves to work! :)   He adores my
other BC”

Companion:  “XXX is the BEST dog ever!!!  He has a wonderful life here on xxx Road and everyone
loves him.”

"I constantly get compliments on what a great temperament XXX has. She's been great to work
with when I train her. She's great off lead, she's great with kids, other dogs, and I am just so
completely in love with her! I can't thank you enough."
2008 pups (Twist/Roy)
more of the 2008 litter!